Welcome to TCVO

Jim Cunningham

Welcome to the Texas Coalition of Veterans Organizations website. We are an organization of some 35 different Veteran Service Organizations (VSO's) and Military Service Organizations (MSO's) within the state of Texas.

It is our goal to represent Active Duty, National Guard and Reserve military members and having served veterans of the armed forces and their dependents before the Legislators of the State of Texas. In
representing them, we have become that "go to" organization for the legislators in regard to being a resource in crafting any legislation that would affect our military, veterans, and dependents. We will testify and be in attendance of any committee of the legislature that is considering legislation that would affect our members either to support it or to be against it depending upon how it serves our members. We will encourage our members to participate in our advocacy before the legislature.

If you would like to suggest issues or have questions about issues that you feel that we should take up, please send us that information through our contact form on this website. We will contact you to discuss and gather further information.

Major James R Cunningham USA (Ret)
Chairman, TCVO